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Laura C.
Piano Shortcuts, Traditional Piano, Vocal & Guitar

Laura is a graduate of Temple University's established Boyer College of Music and Dance. Her musical career began at the age of seven when she asked her parents to sign her up for piano lessons, as well as the youth choir at her church.

From there, not only did she begin guitar lessons at the age of twelve after receiving a guitar as a birthday present, but she developed an interest in musical theater.

  • Laura then attended Gloucester County Institute of Technology as a Drama major, and began voice lessons at the age of fourteen.

During high school, Laura became the accompanist for the main stage plays and was a participant in numerous talent shows, all on piano.

  • She went on to graduate from Temple University with a Bachelor's degree in Music Education, Classical Voice concentration.

While at Temple, Laura was the music director for Singchronize, Temple's all-female a-capella group,  and started giving piano lessons on the weekends.

Even though she classifies herself mainly as a vocalist, Laura's first love will always be the piano. When she's not playing any of her instruments, she can be seen reading, watching cooking shows, dancing, and arranging songs for her old A-Capella group.

  • Laura offers the Piano Shortcuts method for busy teens and adults who don't have the time for traditional piano lessons, and also offers a simplified version of the Piano Shortcuts method for students ages 5 to 7.
  • We are very pleased to announce that Laura has opened her schedule to include vocal lessons as well!

Now Featuring....In-Home singing lessons for all ages from beginners to advanced students!

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Nanci W.
Piano Instructor

Nanci has been providing private piano lessons to students of all age and skill levels for over 20 years.

She is highly organized in her approach to teaching and offers instruction in classical and popular music.

  • Nanci graduated from Rowan University with a Bachelor's Degree in Music Education and is certified in the Suzuki method, as well as traditional techniques.

With a solid, diversified background in music, Nanci focuses on the basics, incorporating scales, Hanon for finger technique, sightreading, music theory and history.

She shares her creativity in the form of song and dance. Nanci has developed a music enrichment program emphasizing all aspects of music for young children.

Nanci also plays guitar and sings, and has provided hundreds of children the knowledge of musical elements that initiate creativity and form a strong interest in orchestral instruments and classical composers and their music.

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Guy Faux
Piano Instructor/School Director/Developer of Piano Shortcuts

After 13 years of classical piano lessons and 4 years of college as a music composition major, Guy began performing in night clubs throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

He began giving private lessons in the early '90s and in 2003 started the Pop Piano Workshops, giving piano workshops and 1-day clinics in high schools, universities and community colleges.

In 2007 he returned to private teaching and opened the Cherry Hill Academy of Piano & Guitar.

  • Guy is a firm believer in the Piano Adventures Series for students ages 5 to 7, and Piano Shortcuts for students 8-years-old and up.

  • Piano Adventures consists of 4 core books at each level. The Lesson Book, Theory Book, Technique & Artistry, and the Performance Book.

  • "I have started students as young as 5-years-old with the Piano Shortcuts Method, although it's somewhat scaled back. I start younger students with 2-note chords instead of 3-note chords, and give them a little more time before I introduce popular songs. At that age, it's rare that they are even listening to pop songs on the radio."

In the Piano Adventures Series, the Lesson Book introduces and applies new musical concepts. The Theory Book provides written work, sight reading and ear training and reinforces the concepts taught in the Lesson Book.

The Piano Adventure method offers a solid foundation for any piano student, no matter what their musical goals, age or skill level.

In addition to the Lesson and Theory books, the Technique & Artistry Book builds a technical foundation for artistic playing, and the Performance Book offers additional outstanding repertoire for recitals, festivals or just your own personal enjoyment.

Call (856) 662-6855 today if you'd like more information about Guy's availability.

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Laura Carione brings a level of versatility to the Cherry Hill Academy that will benefit all of her students.

With her ability to play and teach piano and guitar, in addition to her vocal talents, Laura has a wealth of musical knowledge that she is eager to pass on to others.

Her formal training has prepared her to teach at any level. Laura's musical accomplishments along with her enthusiasm has earned her the head piano instructor's position here at the Cherry Hill Academy of Piano & Guitar.

We welcome Laura as the newest member of our staff and are excited to have an instructor of her caliber and abilities with us.

Guy Faux
School Director

"As a student begins to understand the ideas and techniques that are necessary to play the guitar, they can then apply the knowledge from their lessons to the music they are most interested in performing. I also strongly encourage them to write and record in the style they have chosen."

Chris P. 
Cherry Hill Academy Guitar Instructor