How To Learn Any Song On The Piano In 10 Minutes

Imagine, hearing your favorite song and then sitting down at the piano and being able to play it. Also imagine yourself creating your own, unique piano arrangement of your favorite song once you know the basic structure!

  • If you've ever dreamed of playing the piano the way professional piano players do, then I will show you exactly what you need to learn, and how to you can start today!

By the way, you can put your credit card away because you can get started with a simple click. Read on. Today is your lucky day!

When I was a kid, from the age of 5 to almost my 18th birthday, I had the good fortune of having piano lessons on a weekly basis.

I had a very good teacher during my 13 years of lessons and he taught me quite a bit about music, but the one thing that we didn't cover in my lessons was pop, rock or jazz music.

  • My teacher was old-school. He always wore a black suit, white shirt and tie, even on hot summer days when it was 95 degrees outside with 100% humidity. Maybe you've experienced a similar teacher.

  • And of course, being as old-school as he was, I learned classical music, exclusively. I had no choice in the pieces that I learned to play.

Now I'm not complaining, because I am very grateful for the opportunity I was given, but I can honestly say that I never learned a song or piece that I was familiar with in all my years of lessons.

  • I'm telling you this for one main reason. The key to successfully learning how to play the piano is determined, in large part, by how much you enjoy the learning process!

Looking back, I'm so glad I stuck with it, but I can honestly say that I rarely enjoyed the learning process.

I grew up listening to musical artists such as Billy Joel, Elton John and Carol King, just to name a few. If I had been given a choice in the matter, I would have chosen to learn Piano Man or Rocket Man, instead of Bach Inventions and Chopin Etudes.

For me, learning classical music was extremely tedious and boring. I never really understood how music worked, which frustrated me to no end.

When I turned 18, I quit piano.

  • The main reason why I quit was that I truly believed I should have had a better understanding of my instrument after 13 years of classical piano lessons.

  • In addition, learning songs was still a very slow and tedious process for me. It took me weeks to learn a simple pop song. I was missing something - I just didn't know what it was, which made me even more frustrated.

I wanted to be great at the piano and I had worked hard to accomplish my goal, but it wasn't happening and I saw no visible signs that I was getting any closer to my goal.

  • I figured that I just didn't have the talent to be great at the piano, which was the real reason why I gave it up.

Not long after I discontinued lessons, someone taught me a truly amazing way of playing the piano that changed the entire direction of my life.

With this new way of playing the piano I was learning new songs in less than an hour, which was a dramatic and noticeable improvement over the 3 to 4 weeks it normally took me to learn a new song. I can now learn any song in just 10 minutes.

This method of learning songs is definitely NOT how most people learn how to play the piano, but if you want to learn the secrets used by professional piano players, then keep reading...this is the method for you.

  • I can still remember my mom looking over my shoulder one day as I was learning a new song. She couldn't believe how fast I had learned the song, especially since I wasn't taking lessons anymore.

  • My mom played the piano as well, but she didn't know anything about this new method that I had recently discovered.

I remember her asking me what I was playing. Since she was a competent piano player herself, she knew that what I was playing was not what was written on the sheet music that I was using.

I tried to explain it to her the best that I could, but she just wasn't getting it, which was understandable. It took me a few months to grasp the concept myself and few more months to really get the hang of it.

  • And trust me when I say, the 6 or 7 months it took to learn this amazing new way of playing was nothing after 13 years of very tedious piano lessons.

Of course, I was a little more motivated than most people. But I knew the instant I had witnessed this new method being demonstrated that this was what I was missing.

After just a few weeks, music was starting to make sense, which is something that had eluded me the entire time that I was taking traditional piano lessons.

I remember thinking about how much time I felt I had wasted taking traditional piano lessons all those years. I couldn't stop thinking how good I could have been if I had learned this method from Day 1.

  • However, I wasn't going to dwell on the past. From that moment on I was going to learn everything I could about this new way of playing the piano. That was 38 years ago!

A Step-by-Step Guide.

I realize that this web page is being viewed all around the world. However, I live in South Jersey and provide private lessons in the Cherry Hill area.

  • I wish I could teach everyone this amazing method, but unfortunately, I have very limited availability. If you live in the Cherry Hill, Pennsauken area, then I might be able to fit you into my schedule.

However, if you live outside of my geographical area, then there is another option. I believe, with the proper guidance, anyone can teach themselves this very unique way of playing the piano.

This is why I've created a step-by-step guide designed to help any student learn the basics of this amazing piano method. You can pre-order this guide for free by completing the form below.

What will you learn in my step-by-step guide?

Any hit song that you hear on the radio or the Internet consists of 3 main elements:

  1. Melody
  2. Harmony
  3. and Rhythm
  • I will show you the fastest and easiest way to learn all
    3 musical elements to any song using sheet music.

I'll also show you how to learn all 3 musical elements to any song by ear, which means you'll learn to play songs just by listening to the song - no written music notation will be necessary.

Of course, this doesn't mean you won't be writing things down to help you remember the song. It just means that you won't be learning songs the way most traditional piano instructors would teach you.

  • As I mentioned earlier, I quit traditional piano lessons, because by their very nature, they are not designed to give you the skills necessary to truly understand the inner workings of music.

If you are a complete beginner, then why not learn from day 1 how to play the piano the way professional piano players do.

If you're an experienced player who is frustrated like I was, here's your chance to learn the secrets that are rarely, if ever, taught in traditional piano lessons.

  • My step-by-step e-book titled, "Amazing Piano", will be available on December 24, 2018.

  • You can pre-order your free copy using the form directly below.

  • December 24th will come and go before you know it. Why not reserve your free copy today of Amazing Piano and tap into the playing techniques that professional piano players use to create their own unique piano arrangements.

  • My step-by-step e-book will only be available until December 24th, so pre-order your free copy now!

Thank you.

Guy Faux
Creator of "Amazing Piano"!

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