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Online Piano Lesson #12
D Position - R.H. Melody

Learning D Position

The key of D has 2 sharps, (F# and C#). Since your right hand will be in the D 5-finger position, you will only play the F# in the melody line.

 The Key of D Major

If you ever saw the movie, The Karate Kid...the one from the 80's; you'll remember Mr. Miyagi teaching Daniel LaRusso the fundamentals of karate by having him do basic, everyday tasks.

  • The terms: wax on, wax off or paint fence were just a few of those basic tasks used in his teaching process.

Well, if Mr. Miyagi was teaching you how to play the piano, then he'd be teaching you the 2 main chords from the 12 major keys.

  • In lessons 1 to 5 you learned the C and G7 chords from the key of C major, and in lessons 6 to 10 you learned the G and D7 chords from the key of G major.

  • In lessons 11 to 16, you will be learning the D and A7 chords from the key of D major and the A and E7 chords.

Remember, these lessons are short, easy and fun in order to help you stay on course.

  • Learn just 2 news chords every week and you'll be on pace to learn 104 chords in your first year of online lessons.

 The Repeat Sign

The Repeat Sign, is a musical symbol used in sheet music to signify that a specific portion of music is to be repeated. This symbol can help reduce the number of pages of music and can be used in a number of different configurations.

The D Major 5-Finger Scale

Click the play button for the video directly below to see and hear The D Major 5-Finger Scale and Broken Chord.

 5-Finger Scale & Chords

Click the play button for the video directly below to see and hear the D major 5-finger scale played with the D major and A7 chords.

 Rhythm Exercise

Click the play button for the video directly below to see and hear The Rhythm Exercise in D Position.

  • This exercise will have you listen to a 1-measure rhythm that will repeat over a 4-measure time frame. The repeat sign will automatically return to measure 2 and repeat the same 1-measure rhythm.

This is an ear training exercise.

  • You job is to listen to the exercise as many times as necessary until you can match the rhythms exactly on your piano or keyboard.

Create a positive new habit by playing two chords right before you go to bed every night. The benefit of this one practice routine will pay dividends in just 90 days!

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