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Lesson #6 - Left Hand Chords
The G and D7 Chords

Hand Positions:  Learning 5-note hand positions like C position and G position, makes it a lot easier to focus on left-hand chord changes.

 What Are Hand Positions?

Lessons 1 to 5 were designed to keep your right hand in C position.

  • By keeping your hand in the 5-note C position, you can focus on simpler tasks like memorizing the music notes and making smooth chord changes.

What is C Position? When your right-hand thumb is on middle C, your 2nd finger on D, your 3rd finger on E, your 4th finger on F and your 5th finger on G, you are in the 5-note C position.

In Lessons 6 to 10, your hands will be in G position. G position will have your left hand pinky on the G directly below middle C and your right hand thumb on the first G above middle C, (see illustration below). 

 The G and D7 Chords

In Lessons 1 to 5 you learned the C major chord, which is built off the first note of the C major scale - and the G7 chord, which is build off the fifth note of the C major scale.

In Lessons 6 to 10 you will learn the G major chord, which is built off of the first note of the G major scale - and the D7 chord, which is build off of the fifth note of the G major scale, (see illustration below).

Sharps & Flats

The black keys on the piano represent most of the sharps and flats that you will find in music. The symbols for sharps and flats are shown below.

When a sharp symbol is placed to the left of a music note in sheet music, the note is raised one half step. A half step on the piano is just the next closest key. (see image below)

The D7 is the first chord in this course to use a black key, also known as a sharp. As you can see in the image to the left, the D7 chord contains an F sharp, (F#).

When a flat symbol is placed to the left of a music note in sheet music, the note is lowered one half step. (see image below)

 Play The Sheet Music

Click the play button for the sheet music directly below to see and hear the G and D7 chords.

"Online_Piano_Lesson_#6_For_Adults" by Composer56Piano

Press The Play Button Directly Above
To Play The Sheet Music

 Overhead Keyboard View

The sheet music displayed in Step 4 can also be seen with the Overhead Keyboard View in the video below.

  • Press the Play button, then enlarge the screen for better viewing.

Watch the video as many times as necessary. When you're ready, go to your piano or keyboard and try playing the left-hand chords.

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