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Lesson #3 - Left Hand Chords
The G7 Chord

Chord Style Piano

Chord Style Piano is the easiest, fastest and most enjoyable way of learning how to play!

  • I wish my piano teacher had taught me this method when I was a kid.

  • If you truly want to enjoy the learning process, then Chord Style Piano is superior to any piano method ever developed.

Now I didn't create this method, but I have taken what was taught to me some 40 years ago and made it much easier to learn. You won't find an easier piano method anywhere!

Your Piano Instructor

Guy Faux

Total Musical Freedom

I never really enjoyed practicing the piano as a kid....probably because I had to learn songs I never heard before and didn't like. And I did that for 13 years!

  • I start teaching my beginner piano students songs that they want to learn within the first 12 to 18 weeks.

Chord Style Piano is what allows me to do that. In your 3rd, 4th and 5th months I start teaching you hit songs and in month's 7, 8 and 9 you will begin to become totally self-sufficient.

  • What does that mean? Becoming self-sufficient means that you will be able to learn songs that you want to learn, and you'll be able to create your own customized piano arrangements!

This is the only online piano course that will teach you how to create your own sheet music to the songs that you really want to play. You will have total musical freedom in less than a year!

 - Guy Faux

Click the audio icon to hear a few more piano arrangements using basic techniques of chord style piano.

I created very basic arrangements in the audio below to give you an idea of how good a song can sound on the piano without getting too complicated. Enjoy!

The Half Note

In the previous lesson you used the half note. The round note head of a half note is not filled in and has a stem. Half notes get 2 beats or 2 counts - 1 half note is equal to 2 quarter notes.

The Whole Note

The round note head that makes up a whole note is not filled in and it has no stem. Whole notes get 4 beats or 4 counts. One whole note equals two half notes.

Left-Hand Chords

As you learned in Lesson #2, a chord is a group of notes played together at the same time. In today's lesson, you will learn the G7 chord.

In the illustration below, the yellow arrow located below the keys represents Middle C. The G7 chord will be played to the left, or lower than the Middle C key.

In Step 4 of this lesson, you will see and hear the G7 chord exercise.

Overhead Keyboard View

Click the play button for the video directly below to see and hear the G7 chord for the left hand.

Watch the video as many times as necessary. When you're ready, go to your piano or keyboard and try playing the right-hand notes.

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