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Lesson #11
L.H. Chords - D Position

Two More Chords

Just think about it; you are learning 2 new chords every week. At this pace you'll learn 104 new chords this year! All you have to do is learn a little bit each week.

Your Instructor

Guy Faux

In Lesson 11 you'll be learning 2 new chords; the D major chord and the A7 chord.

  • It wasn't until I got to college that I learned the real secrets to music and playing the piano like a pro.

Of course, I learned these secrets from a guitar player who could play the piano better than I could.

  • He could play better than I could because he knew how to play chords.

Now it's not like I couldn't play chords, because I could. I had been playing chords through most of my 13 years of piano lessons as a kid. The only difference is, I didn't know the names of the chords I was playing.

  • You can do some amazing things on the piano when you know the letter name of each chord and the notes that make up each chord.

My entire online piano course is ongoing and focuses on chords, broken chords, playing by ear, improvising and creating your own professional sounding piano arrangements.

Chord Names!

You're probably thinking, how could I be playing chords all those years and not know their names?

Good question! Let me explain...

If you look at the example directly below, there are several chords notated using standard sheet music. This is the type of notation that I learned from as a kid.

  • Notice that there is absolutely no indication anywhere in the music to signify the name of each chord, which is quite normal in classical sheet music.

The guitar player who showed me the secrets of chords wrote out the letter names of every single chord he taught me, and by doing so, I learned them very quickly.

Notice that the chords in the example directly below have the chord names above each notated chord.

  • The chords below also have the letter names of the notes that make up each chord displayed inside the note-heads.
  • Unfortunately, most private piano teachers and the majority of online piano courses do not use this type of EZ Read Music Notation.

I have been using EZ Read Sheet Music with most of my private students, and all of my online piano students!

The benefits of EZ Read Sheet Music are too numerous to mention, but considering the fact that it takes most traditional piano students anywhere from 3 to 5 years to learn how to read standard music notation fluently, (as shown in the first example above), you can see why my students absolutely love using my EZ Read Sheet Music!

  • When you combine my EZ Read Sheet Music with the Overhead Keyboard Views that I use in every video tutorial, it's not difficult to see why most students prefer my Amazing Piano For Teens & Adults Online Piano Course!

  • Sure, you can take the 3 to 5 years to learn standard sheet music, or you can use my EZ Read Sheet Music and be playing your favorite songs in a matter of months...years ahead of everyone else!

The D Major Chord

Click the play button for the video directly below to see and hear The D Major Chord.

The A7 Chord

Click the play button for the video directly below to see and hear The A7 Chord.

The D Major & A7 Chords

Click the play button for the video directly below to see and hear The D Major and A7 Chords.

The D Major & A7 Chords

Click the play button for the video directly below to see and hear The D Major and A7 Blocked & Broken Chord Exercise.

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Lesson #11

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