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Lesson #1 - Right Hand Notes
C Hand Position

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 The Music Staff

In Western musical notation, the music staff or stave is a set of five horizontal lines and four spaces, each representing a different musical pitch. Each pitch is indicated by one of seven letter names. (see illustration below)

 The Treble Clef

The symbol to the left is called a treble clef. This symbol is normally placed on the top staff in a grand staff. (see image in Step 3 below) This symbol is typically associated with notes played with your right hand.

The Grand Staff

The grand staff, (also know as the Grand Stave), is made up of two staves. The upper stave typically displays music notes for the right hand, and the bottom stave typically displays music notes for the left hand.

 Play The Sheet Music

Click the play button for the sheet music directly below to see and hear the right-hand notes.

  • The more you watch and listen to each video tutorial, the easier each lesson will be.

  • The video in Step 5 below will show you the exact key on the piano that matches each music note in the sheet music. This will be true of every video tutorial in this online piano course.
"Online_Piano_Lesson_#1_For_Adults" by Composer56Piano

Press The Play Button Directly Above
To Play The Sheet Music

 Overhead Keyboard View

The sheet music displayed in Step 4 can also be seen with the Overhead Keyboard View in the video below.

  • Press the Play button, then enlarge the screen for better viewing.

Watch the video as many times as necessary. When you're ready, go to your piano or keyboard and try playing the right-hand notes.

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