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Lesson #2 - Left Hand Chords
The C Major Chord

Can Adults Really Learn Piano: Yes! Each new chord style piano lesson is designed to fit the schedules of busy teens and working adults!

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When I turned 18, I quit piano. I figured that if I wasn't able to truly understand music after 13 years of piano lessons, then I was never going to get it. Then I met this self-taught musician who could learn any song in a matter of minutes. He taught me Chord Style Piano and music finally started making sense. It literally changed the course of my life. - Guy

 The Bass Clef

The symbol to the left is called a bass clef. This symbol is normally placed on the bottom staff in a grand staff. The bass clef is typically associated with notes that are played with your left hand.

 The Quarter Note

In Lesson #1 you learned the quarter note. The round note head of a quarter note is completely filled and consists of a stem. The quarter note gets 1 beat or 1 count.

Left-Hand Chords

A chord, in musical terminology, is a group of notes played together at the same time. In today's lesson, you will learn the C major chord.

In the illustration below, the yellow arrow located below the keys represents Middle C. In Step 4 of this lesson, you will see and hear the C major chord exercise.

 Play The Sheet Music

Click the play button for the sheet music directly below to see and hear the C major chord that you will learn in this lesson.

  • The more you watch and listen in Steps 4 and 5, the easier each lesson will be.
"Online_Piano_Lesson_#2_For_Adults" by Composer56Piano

Press The Play Button Directly Above
To Play The Sheet Music

 Overhead Keyboard View

The sheet music displayed in Step 4 can also be seen with the Overhead Keyboard View in the video below.

  • Press the Play button, then enlarge the screen for better viewing.

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