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Lesson #9 - Rhythm

Learning Songs With Sheet Music

It's nice to be able to play piano by ear and read sheet music at a competent level. In this course I'm going to teach you how to do both.

Your Instructor

Guy Faux

Once I learned how to play piano by ear, I stopped reading sheet music for a long time.

I never really enjoyed playing the piano when all I could do was read sheet music -- probably because it took weeks for me to learn a single song.

  • Once I learned how to play by ear and read sheet music, I was learning 2 to 3 songs a day. I went from piano dud to piano stud in about a year and a half.

  • And with the use of the right technology, the learning process can really be accelerated.

When my students understand the benefits of being able to play by ear and read sheet music, they really get on board with what I'm trying to teach them.

  • Boring rhythm exercises aren't so boring anymore because they understand that these exercises are helping them develop an awesome skill -- a skill that most traditional piano teachers don't offer.

 - Guy

Transcribing Music

What does it mean to transcribe music?

Transcribing music is the act of notating a solo or song from an audio recording. I won't say transcribing music is easy, but at the same time, it's not that hard. With a few simple techniques, anyone can learn how to play by ear.

  • For most musicians and music students, transcribing a song typically involves listening to small portions of a song over and over again; each time picking up a few new notes or chords.

A note-for-note transcription is an exact reproduction of the melody, chords and rhythms in any given song.

  • However, one doesn't have to write the notes down to learn songs by ear. There are many ways to play by ear. I will cover all of them in this course.

Rhythm Exercise #1

Parts 2 through 5 in this lesson will all be rhythm exercises using the Overhead Keyboard View playback function.

Since you will be relying on your ear quite a bit throughout this course, the next 4 rhythm exercises have been designed to help you develop your ear to hear complicated rhythms in small portions.

  • Each exercise will consist of just 1 measure of music which will be played four times using the same key on the piano.

Your job is to listen and then play the rhythm using the same key on your piano. These first 4 exercises are fairly simple, but they will get progressively more complicated in later lessons.

Rhythm Exercise #2

Click the video below to see and hear Rhythm Exercise #2.

  • Remember, listen to each exercise as many times as necessary!

Rhythm Exercise #3

Click the video below to see and hear Rhythm Exercise #3.

Rhythm Exercise #4

Click the video below to see and hear Rhythm Exercise #4.

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