Music Lesson Success Secrets!

How To Find A Great Teacher!

This one chapter alone from my new book will save you a lot of time and effort, and help you avoid the frustration of hiring the wrong teacher.

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Why Students Should Learn Chords!

You’d be amazed at how many piano teachers don’t provide their students with a solid foundation in chords.


For guitar teachers this is second nature, but piano students don’t get this information the way guitar students do. 

If you want to really understand how music works, then learning chords is a must. In fact, we only hire teachers who have a strong working knowledge of chords.

How To Train Your Ear Correctly!

Ear-training allows students to really hear melodies and chord progressions, as well as rhythmical patterns, which are the
3 musical elements
that every student should be learning. 

Having a great ear is absolutely the single most important skill that every musician must have to really enjoy music at its highest level.

  • It’s not a difficult skill to develop. Students should begin developing this skill very early in their musical education.

Take it from someone who started ear training as an adult — it’s possible, but it’s a whole lot harder.

Why Notation Software is a Must.

Kids love spending time on the computer!

If you want your son or daughter to really excel in their music studies, notation software is a must. 

In my new book I’ll talk about the 7 benefits of using this specialized computer software and why 10 to 15 minutes minutes a day on the computer can transform any student into a musical genius.

One Simple Rule You MUST Know!

Students forget 50% of what they are taught in their music lesson by not following this one simple rule.

I’ll show you how to help your son or daughter successfully implement this rule into their weekly routine. 

Following this one simple rule will yield significant results in a very short period of time!  

Why You Should Study Music Theory

Learning music is like learning a foreign language. 

Learning how to say hello or goodbye in another language doesn’t mean you can speak that language fluently.

It takes years to learn how to speak a second language.


Students who avoid music theory never really learn how to 
        speak the musical language fluently — which is what causes
      students to get frustrated in their music lessons and ultimately quit.

  • The best teachers mix a little bit of music theory into each lesson so students learn how music really works. 

This approach doesn’t overwhelm students with what may seem like a lot of useless information — but it will gradually provide students with a deeper knowledge and understanding of the inner workings and structure of music — allowing them to enjoy music to its fullest. 

Why Music Lessons Build Character.

Self-discipline, hard work, patience, commitment and persistence, to name just a few. 

Patience is defined as the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset.

  • My piano teacher taught me a practice technique very early in my piano studies. 

This technique allowed me to learn very difficult musical passages in a very organized and effortless way. 

  • In essence, "Master a little bit at a time." 

When used correctly and in the right situation, this practice technique is the most amazing technique on the planet in my professional opinion!

Obviously, there's way more to it, but I would not have learned patience in such a remarkable way if I hadn’t learned this one technique. 

I apply this technique to so many other areas of my life
. I would have never learned this technique if I had not taken piano lessons as a kid. 

The Ups & Downs Of Music Lessons!

As I’ve discussed briefly here, there is quite a bit that’s involved in learning how to play a musical instrument. Even if you had lessons as a kid, things have changed more in the past 40 years than you might realize.

Students have changed. Teachers have changed. Teaching methods have changed, and technology has changed.

  • All of these changes play a big part in the success of your child’s music education. 

Understanding these changes and knowing how to use them to your advantage is what will help you make the best choices when your son or daughter comes up to you and asks, “Can I take piano lessons?”

Maybe they already have.

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I wish your son or daughter all the best in their musical pursuits.


Guy Faux
School Director/Piano Teacher/Author/Composer
Cherry Hill Academy of Piano & Guitar

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