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Online Piano Lesson #15
A Position - R.H. Melody

Learning A Position

The key of A has 3 sharps, (F#, C# and G#). Since your right hand will be in the A 5-finger position, you will only play the C# in the melody line.

 The Key of A Major

The 2 main chords from the key of A, which you learned in Lesson #14, contain 2 of the 3 sharps from the A major scale.

  • The A major chord contains the C#, and the E7 chord contains the G#.

  • The F# will be covered when we add a third chord to the key of A major, later in this course.

  • For now, continue to focus on switching smoothly between the two chords that you have learned from the keys of C, G, D and A major.

 The Tie

The Tie, is a curved line used to connect two notes of the same pitch, indicating that they are to be played as a single note with a rhythmical value equal to the sum of the individual note values. (see Lesson #21.1)

The A Major 5-Finger Scale

Click the play button for the video directly below to see and hear The A Major 5-Finger Scale and Broken Chord.

 5-Finger Scale & Chords

Click the play button for the video directly below to see and hear the A major 5-finger scale played with the A major and E7 chords.

 Rhythm Exercise

Click the play button for the video directly below to see and hear The Rhythm Exercise in A Position.

  • This exercise will have you listen to a 1-measure rhythm that will repeat over a 4-measure time frame. The repeat sign will automatically return to measure 2 and repeat the same 1-measure rhythm.

This is an ear training exercise.

  • You job is to listen to the exercise as many times as necessary until you can match the rhythms exactly on your piano or keyboard.

Gaining Momentum: You are learning new chords, songs and rhythms every day!

  • The chords and songs may be simple now, but the rhythms are fairly complex.

That's okay, the payoff is coming when you start learning the songs that you really want to play!

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