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Avoiding Bad Playing Habits

The choices for learning guitar today seem endless, especially if you are attempting the "self-teaching" approach. 

Of course, no one is really self-taught, as there is always some other person involved in the learning process, whether it be a book, audio, dvd or online video -- and there are literally thousands of free online tutorials.

Of course, the one major drawback to the do-it-yourself approach, is that you run the risk of developing bad playing habits. This is a direct result of not receiving any feedback from a qualified, trained instructor who can catch bad habits before they can even begin to materialize.

  • Now you may feel like you're saving money by not getting a qualified guitar teacher and taking weekly guitar lessons, but the truth is, you have a greater chance of slowing your progress and significantly hindering your ability to improve by attempting to go it alone.

In addition, deciding to teach yourself may end up costing you more in the long run when you either give up altogether out of frustration, or give in and enroll in weekly lessons, in which case you will most likely have to unlearn some things before you can start learning the correct way of playing the guitar.

How does all of this relate to getting awesome guitar practice? 

Well, since you are more likely to be developing bad playing habits if you're doing the self-teaching approach, it really doesn't matter how disciplined or committed you are to practicing every day if you are doing more harm than good.

  • So even if all you want to do is learn a few chords so you can strum along with your favorite songs, it's better to take a year or so of lessons from an experienced University-trained instructor so you can develop proper playing techniques, instead of the afore mentioned alternatives.

You'll soon discover that you will learn more in a year with a qualified instructor, than you can in two or three years of going it alone.

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