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Rhythm is sound in motion. It is related to the pulse, the heartbeat, the way we breathe. It rises and falls. It takes us into ourselves; it takes us out of ourselves.

                                                             - Eward Hirsch

In future Newsletters, we will be featuring the history of recording sound. This month’s full newsletter will be exclusively online. Enjoy!

Every day you hear recorded sound played back in all types of venues, but never really think about how it is done! Even more so, you never think about how it started in the first place!

For thousands of years mankind has always discovered a new way of doing things. Our imagination had led us on a quest of wonderful inventions, and finally in the 1800’s we started the journey of recording sound!

Thomas Edison is known for inventing the phonograph, the first sound recording device. On June 22, 1878, his recording was scratched onto a sheet of tinfoil and played for the world to hear history!

But…he was not the first to record sound!

In 1860, A bookseller from Paris, Édouard-Léon Scott de Martinville, was the the first person who captured sound, and the first who recorded music.

However his invention, the phonautograph, only translated the sounds as traced lines on a cylinder. He could not play them back to hear them!

Finally 150 years later, thanks to modern technology, historians found a way for people to hear Scott’s recordings. If you would like to hear his recordings, play the video below!

About Our Newsletter

Since we exclusively come to the home to teach lessons, we started our newsletter in the Fall of 2017 to keep in touch with our students and their families. Mailing our Newsletter has been a great success!

         As a bonus, we put our newsletter online to not only see it in color but to be able to show fun videos pertaining to the stories we print!

With each month, our newsletter just has gotten better! Besides having fun educational articles, we have contests, puzzles, jokes and the Student of the Month!

Did you notice that you’re missing a CHA Newseletter mailing? We're keeping it simple this month, just putting a few things online.

Although we took a break from printing our newsletter this month to get ready for the new Fall Season, you’ll get a brand new issue in September!

We hope everyone continues enjoy our printed and
online newsletters!


Thanks for playing the

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If you missed the 90 day deadline, don't worry we'll have other opportunities to win other prizes!

Keep reading our newsletter to see what other games and contests you can win! Thanks again for playing!

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