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In This Issue

1. Music Quote of the Month
2. Got News
3. Student of the Month: Ian Dimter
4. New Students
Your New Year Resolutions 

6. Video: Piano Cover
7. Refer A Friend

8. Practice Tip #5
9. VIDEO: Guitar Cover
10. This Month's iTunes Gift Card Winner!

Quote of the Month

Music will take you places you never thought possible, and the journey starts with YOU making the commitment to Practice Every Day.” - Anonymous

Got News?

Sometimes the things in life that you think are small and insignificant tend to be the things that really matter, which is why we need your help.

Every student has a story of their own musical journey. What we need are real, down-to-earth stories from parents and students that will help other students in their musical pursuits.

  • Like the story from Christopher Threston, who uses quarters to help him keep count of how many times he plays through his old songs — sliding one coin from the ride side of his keyboard to the left side every time he completes a repetition.

This little piece of information probably won’t make the 5 o’clock news, but it’s the type of news that another student may find useful in their daily practice sessions.

For our ”Got News?” venture to be a success, we need submissions from everyone. Remember, it’s the little things in life that make the biggest difference, and each submission is sure to help guide and motivate another student who may be struggling.

To submit a story or practice tip, visit our home page and click on the “Got News” button on the left-hand side of the page. 

To sign up for our free online newsletter, visit our home page and click on the “Newsletter” button located above the “Got News” button. Once you’ve reached the current newsletter, the sign up button is located directly above the section titled, “In This Issue”.

Student of the Month

Ian Dimter

Ian Dimter is a model piano student. He is eager to try new material and has a good understanding of musical concepts.

Although he is involved in other activities, he takes time out of his busy schedule to practice most days of the week.

He strives for perfection, and is enthusiastic while doing so. I look forward to watching him progress each week. It is truly a pleasure teaching him. 

Nanci Wright, Ian's Piano Teacher

Interview with Ian Dimter

What instrument do you play? Piano and saxophone.

How long have you been taking piano lessons? Three years.

Who are your favorite musical artists?
Mozart, Sebastian Bach.

What are your other hobbies besides music? Baseball, drawing, playing with toys, watch Villanova basketball.

Favorite food? Spaghetti and meatballs!

What is the coolest thing you’ve learned in your lessons the past 3 months? How to read trouble clef and play Christmas songs with all the dynamics

Advice for other students? Always keep your eyes on the notes. Always practice because you’ll improve and be able to play the songs perfectly.

New Students

  1. Ava N.

Your New Year Resolutions

Of the 37% polled, staying fit and healthy is the Number One resolution every new year, with losing weight a close second at 34%. Coming in at third place at 28%, is enjoying life to the fullest.

Personally, I’m aiming at number one and three. They’re just vague and general enough for me to not really know if I hit them or not. Number two is just too specific.

All kidding aside, I think most new year resolutions tend to be a little too general. Even number two, losing weight, is still a little vague. Saying that you’re going to lose 10 pounds, or two pounds every month is a specific goal that can be measured.

  • The same can be true for music students. Saying that you’re going to get better on your instrument this year is too general. However, saying that you are going to learn one new scale and broken chord every week is specific and a goal that can be measured.

If you start off the new year by learning the C major scale and broken chord, then you have improved your playing skills. The fact that you learned the new scale and broken chord is measurable proof.

So whatever your new year resolutions are, be specific, write them down in advance and review them regularly so you can add new resolutions and check off the ones you’ve completed.

Happy New Year from the entire staff here at the Cherry Hill Academy of Piano & Guitar — Chris Peary, Nanci Wright, Laura Carione, Cale Hoeflicker, Angela Weeks, Guy & Suzanne Faux. 

VIDEO: Piano Cover - Perfect by Ed Sheeran

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Practice Tip

For your daily dose of practice tips, visit our Facebook page at:

If you're not a Facebook member, here is Quick Piano Tip #5...

Most students want to play songs up to speed, even when they're not quite ready.

Part of this process of rushing through a song involves breezing by rests and not giving them their full count.

You man not even be aware of the rests when you're listening to a recording, but if the rests weren't there, you'd definitely notice a difference.

When you acknowledge that the silent parts of any song are just as important as the notated parts, you can be sure that you're musicianship is growing.

VIDEO: Guitar Cover - "Time" by Hans Zimmer

This Month's Winner!

This month's winner of our "Did You Read Your Newsletter" Contest is Daniel Bonaventura!

Congratulations, Daniel. You have won a $25 iTunes Gift Card!

Of course the only way to know if you've won is to be reading your monthly newsletter....but don't worry, you have 90 days to call us to collect your prize - and since we'll be listing your name again in the next 2 issues of The Cherry Hill Academy Newsletter, you have two more chances to collect your prize!

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We hope to hear from you soon!

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